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Stroke Risk Associated with Migraines and Aura

I recently read an article that links  Migraines with aura as well as the use of estrogen with increased stroke risk. As a scientist I know to use caution with studies that are published without regard to the source of the data, the size of the sample pool or who was funding the data.   I once read a study that Hershey funded that said that chocolate prevented tooth decay.   If you know me at all you can be certain that I am willing to subscribe to prohylactic chocolate  no matter who funded the study.  One more reason for me to eat dark chocolate. Anyway, if the relationship with migraines with aura is linked to increased risk of stroke this is just another opportunity for me to remind all my dear women friends to eat right, exercise regularly and avoid estrogen supplements. Depending on what you read and believe that means we should also be looking at soy products carefully. Perhaps more on that later. Meanwhile, take control of your health!

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