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Recently we were on a TV special about H1N1.  It was an interactive news program that looked at H1N1 from many perspectives.  Viewers had an opportunity to chat on-line with 4 experts including DMI Research’s Kathy Hann, an expert from the Health Department of Hillsborough County, a school board official and a local physician.  There were  lots of questions and there were 70 people on line during most of the hour long show.

One writer asked about getting the flu vaccine if they have an egg allergy.  Since the vaccine is cultured in eggs people who have egg allergies should not get the vaccine.

Many people had issues with finding the vaccine especially in Pinellas County and a couple of experts were able to help out with availability.  It seems that the health department in Hillsborough County has vaccine available to whoever requests it.

The staff here at DMI Research are conducting a flu treatment study for people who have compromised immune systems and get flu symptoms. Preventing spread of the disease is a key in preventing deaths from complications as well.

Unfortunately the lack of availability of the vaccine left people on high doses of steroids and certain medications for autoimmune disorders as well as organ transplant patients and people undergoing treatment for cancer at risk.

If anyone that you know get symptoms which include a fever check our website to find out how to participate in the study.  H1N1 could be the seasonal flu next year so medications developed this year will help prevent a pandemic next year.

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